Klahanie Mission

The Klahanie Association, with our quality of resources and recreational opportunities, will continue to be the “premier” residential community on The Plateau to live, work, and play.

Klahanie Vision

Klahanie has curb appeal. Personal and common properties and recreational facilities are well-maintained according to the highest standard. Home buyers seek to buy into the community, and once they're here they want to stay.

Through attendance at board meetings, responding to surveys and elections, or just by encouraging their neighbors, Klahanie members actively support their community and enjoy its broad amenities.

Klahanie treasures its extraordinary natural flora and fauna, beauty, and serenity, and endeavors to maintain and preserve its natural areas, which cannot be replaced once lost.

Klahanie facilities are reserved to be available for the enjoyment of its members. Such uses may be extended to enrich the greater community among us.

Klahanie members collaborate to enhance the appeal and boost the utilization of common recreational amenities. Ideas may be gathered or shared through various means - email, letters, newsletters, web forums, surveys, and board meetings - although true collaboration occurs within homeowner panel discussions.

In Klahanie, no idea is a bad idea. Members will disagree about the best way to adapt to the changing needs of the community, but they work to understand why they disagree as well as the merits of alternate viewpoints.

Klahanie members will elect to the board those neighbors who will be trusted with confidence to faithfully carry out the Mission and Vision for the benefit of the whole community.